Relationship Between Production and Marketing

There is a curious relationship between production and marketing, especially in the realm of software development.  Any software development team is putting their energy into planning the functionality, the features, the benefits, the user interfaces, code development, etc.

And they are doing this based on their knowledge of the market.  Their commitment that yes, people will need and will use their software – they will buy it.

And they may do a great job, using all the latest tools, testing, retesting, debugging, refining, build after build, and then they’ll freeze it and roll it out.

To some degree, though they have just created an asteroid floating in silent space.  Maybe it’s an impressive asteroid – huge … or small and beautiful, shining and spinning in cold silence.

If they are smart, during the development process, they will have reached agreements with alpha and with beta sites and other brand new customers to get testimonials, white papers and invitations for site visits and they will have started creating valuable content and engaging all channels of social media, including the press.

Otherwise, they have created a beautiful shining spinning asteroid far out there in the solar system. 

They need to be aware that to find the right people that would potentially be buyers, and to communicate with them in such a way that they commit to the next buying phase….  is actually just as diffucult and demanding as it was to write the software in the first place !

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